When Electric Grease Pump Failure, How To Check And Repair?

Butter is a kind of grease commonly used in equipment lubrication. When adding butter to mechanical equipment, a butter pump is often used for convenience. There are many types of grease pumps, including electric grease pumps, pneumatic grease pumps, and manual grease pumps. Most factories use electric grease pumps. Some common faults may occur during the use of the equipment. If we encounter these failures, how should we repair them?

1. Power supply problem: Whether the motor is damaged, whether the voltage of the power supply is normal, and the power switch is in poor contact. The current of the circuit does not reach the rated current. The countermeasure is to connect the correct power supply, the current is normal, and the switch operates normally.

2. The pressure of the electric grease pump is insufficient: the safety valve adjustment value is too low. The safety valve poppet valve is stuck or worn. Loose joints or seals cause leakage. A malfunction of the pressure gauge causes a distortion of the pressure response. The countermeasure is to adjust the safety valve to a proper position. If the joint is loose, please tighten it. If there is a problem with the seal, replace the seal. If the valve rod is worn, the entire safety valve must be replaced.

3. The electric grease pump does not produce grease: the clearance between the plunger and the fitting is too large, the plunger or spring is broken, and the leakage causes insufficient flow. The countermeasure is to replace the plunger. If the plunger is a separate body, it is not easy to repair, and the entire pump may need to be replaced.

4. If the lubricant temperature is too low to cause suction problems, and the lubricant temperature is too high to reduce the volumetric efficiency, an elastic pressure plate can be added to facilitate vacuum suction under the action of external force.The structure of the electric butter pump is not complicated, but it requires fine processing and fine assembly. This requires the manufacturer to have professional knowledge. Lean management and testing equipment.

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