Some Problems In Centralized Lubrication System And Solutions

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The main working principle of IGLAN lubrication pump is similar to that of most lubrication pumps in the market, so some problems encountered in the practical application of IGLAN brand lubrication pump may also be encountered by other brands of lubrication pumps. We summarize the following common problems, and then put forward some solutions, hoping to help customers who use lubricating pump.

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1. The IGLAN Lubrication System Is Running, But Only A Part Of The Lubricator Is Working.

Possible causes: The pressure in the lubrication system is too low. There may be an empty oil tank. There may be air in the lubrication pump or oil pipeline. There may also be that the lubrication system is not fully depressurized or it may be that the oiler installed in the system does not fit the system.

Treatment method: Check whether the pressure of the system needs to be increased, and check whether the pressure of the distributor matched with the lubrication pump meets the standard. If there is an empty tank, make up the oil. Check whether there is air in the oil circuit and exhaust. Ensure that the pressure and intermittent time of the lubrication system meet the requirements, and ensure the working conditions of the lubricating system. Finally, check whether the wrong oiler is installed.

2. The Iglan Lubrication System Is Operating Normally, But The Oiler Is Not Working.

Possible causes: The system pressure is not up to standard, the lubricating pump oil volume is not enough, or there may be air in the pipeline of the lubricating system.

Treatment: First of all, ensure that the air pressure of the lubrication system is up to the standard, and the hydraulic setting needs to be correct. Secondly, check whether there is leakage in the system pipeline which leads to insufficient air pressure. Finally, check whether the oiler is damaged, and then repair it. It is also necessary to check whether the oil volume of the lubricating pump is sufficient, and then discharge the air in the pipeline.

3. The Lubrication Pump Does Not Pump Oil.

Possible cause: There may be no oil in the lubricating pump. It is possible that the oil inlet of the pump core in the lubricating pump is blocked, and grease cannot enter the pump core, or the pump core is worn too seriously. Finally, the check valve in the lubricating pump core may be faulty or blocked.

Treatment: First, fill up the oil in the tank, then start the lubrication system, and check whether each lubrication point works normally after a period of time. If there is still a problem with the one-way valve, you can loosen the connection between the safety valve and the pipeline when the pneumatic lubrication system is running, wait until there is no bubble in the grease, and then operate to see if there is a problem. If there is a problem with the pump core, it is necessary to check the oil inlet and outlet of the pump core, and clean up any sundries found.

4. The Lubrication Pump Stops Before The Lubrication System Runs.

Possible causes: The lubrication time or intermittent time set by the lubrication pump is too short, or the position of the pressure switch is too close to the lubrication pump, or the pressure of the lubrication system is not up to standard.

Treatment method: Set the operation time correctly according to the requirements of the lubricating pump and the needs of the site. Adjust the position of the pressure switch in the pipeline, adjust the system pressure as required to ensure the normal operation of the lubricating pump.

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Dongguan IGLAN Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, specializing in the production of centralized lubrication system. IGLAN has more than ten years of professional manufacturing experience, can cooperate with various special requirements for the development and design of centralized lubrication system.
IGLAN has persevered in the overall quality, passed the IS09001:2005 quality management system certification. “Lubrication without boundaries, harmonious coexistence” is the corporate cultural value of IGLAN brand.

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