IGLAN is a practitioner of environmentally friendly lubrication systems. IGLAN was established in 2009, specializing in the production of centralized lubrication systems, passed the IS09001:2005 quality management system certification, and has a number of practical patents.

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IGLAN is a supplier of centralized lubrication products, solutions and services. A more efficient, productive and sustainable way to reduce friction and make things run faster, longer, cleaner and safer for a stable and reliable world. IGLAN started the exploration of friction and lubrication in the operation of CNC machine tools as early as 2005.


2009, IGLAN was established, processed lubrication accessories, sold Zhenghe lubrication devices. 2011, become the sole agent of CHENYING and CHIBA lubrication system in mainland China. 2013, concept of environment-friendly lubrication was proposed, production line was established. 2014, ADL, AOM, AMT series lubrication systems were launched and had a certain market share. 2017, AGP lubrication system has been launched and has been recognized by relevant customers. 2019, AHG and AHGS pump were launched, and the company expanded its business globally. 2021, MQL minimum quantity lubrication system was launched, which was popular in the market.

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Continue to learn the world’s excellent lubrication system technology, design high-end lubrication systems according to market demand, optimize design and production links based on public needs, and produce more environmentally friendly, more efficient, and more cost-effective lubrication systems. On this basis, we have a number of patents.